What are your opinions on the effects of social media on the socialization of the self? How do you think exposure to social media has affected the development of your own social identity and/or those around you? What do you think of the findings of the study as discussed in the podcast? D


I think that the resentment towards the use of social media and technology in general is the response of unconscious mind that does not like changes. Jean Twenge in the podcast has said that the younger generation is more friend based compared to previous generations. I agree to this statement. I also belong to the iGen. I think that social interactions on social media and through my Smartphone provides me opportunities to remain in constant contact with my friends.

The findings of some of the researches on the podcast does point to the negative implications of social media. I think the problem is the bias that already exist in the minds of older generations towards social media. Everything has negatives and positives. Same is the case with social media. It can help you in socialization of the self. At the same time, you might start to overuse social media and lose contact with the actual world and have negative effects. In the latter case, I do agree to the findings presented in the podcast that higher level of depression may be waiting for you. Children should be educated in schools and homes to balance their lives when it comes to the use of technology to avoid any negative consequences.