What are your opinions about the origins of the opioid epidemic in America? How should we address this issue as a nation? Given what you’ve learned this semester and in this podcast, should we blame the family who made huge profits, the big Pharma companies who profited, the doctors for over-prescribing, the black-market dealers, or the addicts themselves? Discuss. What do you see as possible solutions to this social problem?


I think that people go to doctors under a trust that they will be given proper medicine that will help them get rid of a disease. From the podcast, it is clear that the people of America were deceived by doctors and other related to medical profession because they were give sugar coated poison. I had heard about the opioid epidemic in China but not in the USA. The difference is that people in china knew they were using Opioid. In USA, people did not know it and this is what startling. The patients who were prescribed these drugs go addicted to them and did not know where else to go.

During this semester, we have learned about social responsibilities and ethics. I think that it was the ethical responsibility of the doctors to let the patients know what they were using. To be honest, they should not even have prescribed these drugs. The family that made billions from the drugs got what they deserved and had to face the public humiliation but no one knows who the doctors were who helped the family in their drug related business. There proper solution to avoid such problems is to include extensive ethics in to the medical schools to train the doctors properly for their professional lives.