Gangs Module 1D Quizz

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Question 1

The gang psychology can be influence by unwritten rules of conduct


Question 2

To a gang member disrespect is not considered an insult.


Question 3

According to the U.S. DOJ street gangs trend wise are migrating into rural America.


Question 4

It is not possible to place jewelry in the white portion of the eye.


Question 5

Body modifications are not used by gang members.


Question 6

Some experts think there are levels of gang membership.


Question 7

The #1 predictor for juvenile failure and crime is a weak family


Question 8

Turf gangs have never been called traditional street gangs.


Question 9

American youth are statistically the most delinquent, drug addicted and observationally the most disrespectful progeny in the world


Question 10

Gang members tend not to use violence as a tool


Question 11

There are only written rules that gang members must follow.


Question 12

The U.S. military is an unwilling participant in gang migration.


Question 13

TV and the movies industry help stereotype gang life to the public.


Question 14

Insults can go unanswered in the gang culture and do not trigger violent attacks


Question 15

In a philosophical gang membership and activity are based on a religious or political belief system.


Question 16

The cost of gang benefits requires the member to “be down for the gang.”


Question 17


Gang indicia can be an extension of the gang life style, some gang members display no indicia.


Question 18

Based on Siegal and Senna, social gangs develop because of mutual attraction.


Question 19

Unvalued youth tend to have limited empathy and no social skills


Question 20

Crime for profit gangs are usually considered “mobile.”


Question 21

Trans dermal means you have an implant that goes under the skin.


Question 22

Gang members never use body modification.


Question 23

The U.S. gang population probably runs less than 1% of the total U.S. population.


Question 24

Parents are not the master programmer’s of their children’s brain


Question 25

Street gangs in general tend to use violence sparingly.