It is really painful to know that a family, Sacklers, made a whole nation go down on their knees due to a drug that they popularized to make billions. I would like to answer the question related who is responsible for all the mess related to opioid epidemic. I think that it was indeed Sacklers. They introduced the drug, they marketed it, they manufactured it and they distributed it. It was not all. They also invested some of the ill gotten money in philanthropist work to make them popular.

Such an issue can be addressed in a nation by making a proper system to counter drugs of any sort. The health authorities must be given powers to shut drug producing companies who benefit from the loopholes in the medical systems and also, issue large amounts of fines to discourage such practices. I think there is also a need to take steps against distributors of such drugs because they always know what they are doing. Such drugs usually have large margins when it comes to profits. Legislators also need to form laws that are capable of dealing with such cases where system loopholes are exploited in such a manner where general public becomes at medical risks.