Roman Sackler and Mortimer Sackler have been presented as villains in this podcast in my opinion which is not the correct way to look at the issue of opioid epidemic in the country. Sacklers were not making only Oxycontin. I think that the problem is with the health system of the country. The authorities that regularize drugs were responsible for the spread of the epidemic more than anyone. The main way to look at the roots of the problem is to analyze why the use of such drugs went on for decade without any notice. The drug regulatory authority allowed the sale of the drug in the market and it went on sale harming people. They could have acted better in my opinion.

Blame can also be placed on the researchers who might have supported the use of such drugs. There are always people who conduct research on drugs in the market. Why were they not aware of the misused and negative implications of the drugs? The research community in any society must consider it their social responsibility to guide people in adopting to ways of spending their lives responsibly. Social scientist also need to conduct researches based on the lives of the common people and suggest ways in which they can lead a happy and peaceful life.