The objective of this examination is to explore the conditions for static equilibrium. In the beginning of our experiment we were required first to find the mass of both of the ruler and the clips that hold the ruler in the top. We checked that we got zero for Force A and B before hanging the ruler. After hanging the ruler, we got for FA= 5 and FB=4. We started to find sigmaF and sigmaJ and we already have the masses and the forces and the positions. For the sigmaF we got -0.012 and for sigmaJ we got 0.053 but that was when the tourk x=0. When the tourk was x=5 we got different answer for sigmaJ= -0.059. At the end of our experiment we found 6sigmaF= 0.05 and both of 6sigmaJax= 0.05 and 6sigmaJax:0.5= 0.02. Overall, we had some errors like human and systematic errors and that what made out results inaccurate.