IT News Commentary Assignment. This assignment requires students to research an emerging/prevailing information technology (IT) issue relevant to accounting practice. RequiredSubmission: Each student will be required to submit a short research write-up AND deliver a short informal presentation during class.

The topic of discussion how the companies have changed their local servers to cloud infrastructure. After converting they have had their hands on such tools that were expensive before but after, it is cost efficient for small companies. For couple of hundred dollars you can rent a space and use the tools from the cloud provider to be used in the rented computers and servers.

The cloud servers are used by every computer today. Every small thing is stored in the cloud instead of the local network. Having cloud promotes innovation and gives opportunity for the small business rise and shine. With couple of bucks in your hand you can rent space in amazon and be owner of couple GPU’s that can process a lot for pennies. High demand for a product online can create a backlog by the system as there is not enough power but for cloud that is never a problem, cloud providers give a elastic space which stretches the space and gives extra power and space when required by the customer of cloud(“Make Hybrid Cloud your platform for innovation – Be Ready Content Hub,” n.d.).

Having all these products for cheap could lead to two things. First is that a company can use these tools and help themselves with being competitive in the market, which can lead to increasing sales. Secondly when they to pay so low for renting, it is the company reducing expenses by just having a rented place compared to having those servers and then buying the tools that are provided by the cloud provider.

Increasing cloud usage and given these companies a chance to add some of the top-class analytics tools and bot systems that would not afforded by a small company. These tools can help a small company analyze their traffic and other reports from what is hosted. After the reports are generated couple of simple clicks and you have your analysis ready.


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