The ability to “Build a Baby” may become a reality in the not so distant future.  Imagine being about to choose the eye color, hair color, height, weight, ear shape, foot size, intelligence level, disease susceptibility, etc. of your unborn child.  Would you do it?  Why or why not?  If yes, what traits would you select?  Why?  What about the pros and cons of such a practice?


In today’s society I feel like no one likes the element of surprise anymore. The concept of ‘Designer baby’ or ‘Build A Baby’ in my opinion is cheating. I personally, would not do it. In the case I would do it however, I would give my child traits that are similar to mine. Just because I think I’m a pretty cool person so I want my child to be also. The only reason I would partake in this procedure would be to screen my child for diseases. For example, in the video it discusses the eggs can be screened gender, appearance, intelligence, disease, and personality. When it comes to screening for diseases, I feel as though thats the bright side of this operation. But gender, appearance, and personality I feel is all apart of life and learning. Why ruin it?

Designer baby is a genetic makeup refers to one whose genetic makeup has been altered or chosen to provide the desired genome. If I had the chance and opportunity  to choose eye color, hair color, height, weight, intelligence level,  disease susceptibility, and many more; I will not and never try making up a baby, plus it is against my religion and belief. With all the good benefit it comes with; like being able to reduce genetic and inherited disease or condition, life span, appearance, gender and many more; it still sound being a robotic baby to me not to talk about side effect such baby would encounter in the future. Despite being designed, you can not still design who you want the baby to be or become in life, because everyone’s destiny is not the same. After paying all that money and living an automatic life(manual life), the baby will still have some serious side effect; such as terminated embryos, loss of individuality, new disease, vulnerable and unpredictable consequence because no one knows what the future holds. In my own opinion, I oppose with the practice of designing a baby.