the poem Coy of mistress which was about a gentleman talking to or writing about a woman who he is attracted to. He writes” Thine eyes and on the forehead gaze; two hundred to adore each breast;”, he loves her body. He could look at her all day, even if she doesn’t notice.

He writes that he would love her for a long time and that life is short, so they should enjoy each other. The author of the poem sounds like he wants this lady, but is forced to deal with life and it’s going to end soon or he feels life is short. I picked up on this when he writes ” but at my back I always hear times winged chariot hurrying near;

The poem was written in line breaks and stanza breaks. “In poetry, a stanza is a division of four or more lines having a fixed length, meter, or rhymin scheme.”

“Stanzas in poetryv are similar to paragraphs in prose. Both stanzas and paragraphs include connected thoughts, and are set off by a space.” This poem was broken into 3 parts so it was kinda easy to follow and the two lines ended in the same rhythm tone.

The poem had a lot of imagery and detail, which helped paint a picture of how he felt about her and his life. He described things changing and wanted to adore her body while he had time. I understand how the writer felt, life is too short so you should enjoy it.