I believe that the poem was referring to America’s separation from Britain. In the first two lines the poem goes; LO! Freedom comes. Th’prescient Muse foretold, All Eyes th’ accomplish’d Prophecy behold  (Peters 1-2). To me I interpret this as Freedom has come as expected. Later in the poem it then goes on to say; Britain, whose Navies swept th’ Atlantic o’er, And Thunder sent to every distant Shore; E’en thou, in Manners cruel as thou art, The Sword resign’d, resume the friendly Part! (Peters 17-20).  I interpret this part as war is now over between American and Britain and peace has taken over. 

The element that I easily observed was the use of rhythm, from the beginning to the end of the poem a simple AA and BB style as use to give the poem a rhythm. Saying the poem out loud and expressing the words allowed for easier reading and understanding. 

Auspicious Heaven shall fill with fav’ring Gales,

Where e’er Columbia spreads her swelling Sails:

To every Realm shall Peace her Charms display,

And Heavenly Freedom spread her golden Ray.

(Peters 61-64).

As you can see in these four lines from the ending of the poem, is how the poet use a simple AA and BB style to give rhyme. Thoughts?

-Justin McRae

Liberty and Peace by Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784)