I felt the most important element of Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking is line breaks and stanza breaks. This poem has a lot of breaks and I felt it helped make it visually appealing and visually interesting. The line breaks and stanza breaks also helped in understanding where the author wanted to change the subject and set the meter of the poem. This poem is also a free verse poem, meaning it doesn’t follow the traditional rules of poetry. There is no rhyming and no real rhythm to it. This poem how ever does express a lot of feelings and conveys a deeper meaning. The author really seems to pull you in and creates an image in your mind of what your reading. When I first read this I felt like there was a lot of jumping around and it was confusing at first but I went back over it a few times taking my time reading it trying to understand it better. It seems like the type of poem that can be interpreted differently for different people. To me this poem seemed to be about a boy maturing. I could be completely wrong in my interpretation of it as I have not been a big follower of literature from this time but that is what I took from it to mean.