Lean Supply and JIT Video

Assignment Instructions

Watch video for Lean Supply and JIT and explain what a Lean Supply and JIT system is in an organization. Write between 200 and 250 words in the Discussion Board. Respond at least two of your peers posts.


Both JIT (Just-in-Time) and Lean management are focussed on enhancing the operations at the organization. JIT is an approach adopted by various organizations that help to reduce the wastage. It’s focuses on reducing the inventory by delivering material and products only when the company needs it. Apart from this, it focuses on involving the employees in the quality management process. Total quality management is the main goal that organization tries to achieve with the help of JIT system. Thus, the main benefit of JIT for the organization includes a reduction in cost, wastage and buffer inventory. The manufacturing cycle time decreases to a great extent. The distribution cost and transportation cost decreases while the quality of the delivered product increases. Thus, it is beneficial for the organization in all aspects.

Lean supply also focuses on identifying and reducing the cost. The main purpose of the organization to implement the lean supply is to increase the value for the customers. It is not just for manufacturing companies. Rather any company who want to remove waste and non-value added services uses Lean supply. The waste is identified regarding inventory, money and time. In this way, it helps to increase the profitability as well as the competitiveness of the company.


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