Lean Supply and JIT Video

Both the videos were highly helpful in understanding how different organizations are using lean supply and Just in Time strategies to enhance the productivity and thus profits. The first video about lean supply chain management describes that lean helps to engage all the employees to identify the faults and solve them. In this way, it helps to reduce the cost, decrease time on different operations and increasing product quality. It shows an organization where employees are equipped with lean tools such as cousins, a3s, and problem-solving jackets. Apart from this, they use visual cues to assist employees in understanding how the work is being completed. The employees are easily able to say when they lead or lag behind their work.

The second video about “just-in-time” describes that how organizations can benefit by producing products only when customers want it. But this strategy does not work for all type of companies. It works well for those companies with small products but high volume. They can instantly produce products once customer demands it. Secondly, JIT is deployed by those organizations that have a linear and constant demand. Thus, they always have an idea about how much they need to produce in certain month or week. I have learned a lot from both the videos about how lean supply management and JIT are implemented by different companies.




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