The research framework I am using in my efforts is a Marxism. My focus started on the Qatar blockade in a focus that I wanted to explore the claims that the other Gulf countries were making regarding Qatar’s terrorist funding. In order to successfully isolate the issues, I will approach my research using a Marxist international relations framework. Looking at what economic factors and pressures are leading for this change in behavior in the Middle East. On preliminary research I have found reason to believe that the major reason that the other countries have been so against Qatar as of late is their selection as host for the 2022 World Cup. A Marxist lens will help facilitate my ability to identify the driving factors in this dilemma; clearly there are elements that I have found that are quite in line with Marxist ideology. For example, this Qatar blockade was spurred by the financial hit that these other countries in the gold region, which happen to be larger than Qatar, wanted to benefit their people. This is sensible, they are trying to maximize the amount of good and jobs that are being created by hosting the World Cup. As a result, when Qatar was selected, and through allegedly unethical means with FIFA. Now, the gulf region countries decided to say that Qatar’s ties to terrorist funding. This happened shortly after a trip made by the United States president. My theory is that the region decided to use this terrorist funding strategy to blockade this oil rich nation. They hoped to scare FIFA into reconsidering their selection of Qatar as their host of the World Cup. I hope to show that the other countries in the area were trying to isolate Qatar because of their deal with FIFA.