Analyzing the issue arisen of Qatar as a host of FIFA 2022

Research Methodology

FIFA hosting is one of the biggest events hosted after every four years by different countries. It is a massive event that is beneficial to the host country from various ends. The host country who bids the highest for hosting the event get the general benefits like goodwill and respect amongst citizens bringing a feeling of excitement as FIFA is recognized as one of the largest sports events in the world.

This study will focus on analyzing the issue arisen of Qatar as a host of FIFA 2022. The other UAE countries surrounding Qatar are also against Qatar giving a negative vote for FIFA hosting. According to the sources, Qatar is alleged to have terrorist relationships, and some say that Qatar has been funding the terrorists and the terrorist activities. The matter is becoming highly controversial at the international level as FIFA is threatened and doubtful about hosting the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

In this research, we will concentrate on determining the facts, which support the statement, and we would also try to recognize the faults and flaws in the statements made over Qatar. The research design would start with analyzing the entire situation and case of Qatar being suspected with funding of terrorist activities. After collecting all the information related to the event, we will try to analyze the situation over the evidence to find that whether Qatar is guilty of the statements raised or innocent to the allegation.

There is various evidence that is in favor of Qatar as it has been recognized the neighbor courtiers of Qatar have conspired to stop the FIFA world cup hosting in Qatar in 2022 because the event hosting brings a lot of benefits to the country which are financial as well as social. FIFA world cup brings along various job opportunities with the development of the game in the host country. The pride of the country is also raised among its citizens as well as around the world, and this can be the reason why Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are standing against Qatar.

We will analyze all the facts and statements which are supporting Qatar as well as which are against Qatar in context to hosting the big event of FIFA world cup. The research will go through previous records of the country in making relationships and developing them. For this, we will be studying the relations of Qatar with some other countries around the globe from Asia, Europe, Russia, and America, etc.

The research would also focus on the trade relations of Qatar with different countries around the world. This would help us to identify the behavior of the country with other countries linked to it through any medium. The country background to the financial and trade matters can be very helpful in determining the truth of the situation that has been developed for Qatar.

By all the statements and counting on the points which would be in favor of Qatar and those which would be in favor of the other UAE countries, we will find out the conclusion to the situation that if the statement of relating Qatar to terrorist activities and funding is valid or not. We will be focused on collecting and analyzing all the relevant information, which could help to define the entire situation in words of “guilty” or “not guilty.”