The tremendous discoveries related to the ring of fire formed at the edge

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Video Summary

The video consists of the tremendous discoveries related to the ring of fire formed at the edges of the pacific oceans around the world that could inform us about the mysteries of how the earth came in to being. Earth quakes happening due to the volcanos that exists around this ring of fire has claimed millions of lives over the last few hundred years. Different landscapes made by flowing lava tell us about the amount of silicon in the lava. The lava inside the earth is fueled by water. Huge amount of carbon dioxide gets out of the volcanoes when they erupt. This carbon dioxide may be caused by the burning of the microorganisms in these volcanoes which are rich in carbon 12 compound. The video can also help us understand the cause of earth quakes in the mega thrust earthquakes as soon as we start to understand the reasons of lava becoming active due to the movement of the tectonic plates or any other reasons. Subduction trenches which could be as large as the Mount Everest, exist underneath the pacific and other oceans are also among the causes of tsunamis and earth quakes under the seas.

Relation of video to the topic

The discussions about the tectonic plates and how they cause the continental drift is one of the topic that can be related to the subduction trenches that exist underneath the earth. These trenches could be the split between two tectonic plates in my opinion. The video can be helpful to understand all most all the concepts provided in the chapter including the concept of how the layers of the earth are formed by studying the fire ring and how it looks like when we go deep inside it. The phenomenon about the collide of the tectonic plates and how it moves them around is also explained in the video and the chapter. In short, the video is an elaboration of the concepts of the chapter.

Most interesting part of the Video

The most interesting part of the video for me was about the chemical signature of microorganism inside the volcanos. I have never thought that there would be any life inside any volcanos due to inhospitable environment there but I was wrong. These microorganism absorb compound Carbon 12 which has been found being fired out by the volcanos. May be these microorganism have flow underneath active volcanos from the pacific ocean which seems to be the origin of these microorganism. This discovery could lead us to know how life had survived on the earth when the earth had split from the sun at its early stages and it took it millions of year to cool down. I think that this video could lead biologist to know exactly how microorganism can survive extreme conditions. This phenomenon may well be active in forming fossil fuel from dead organisms.