Speech: My Future Business Plan

The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience why I chose to have my education in business management and how is it going to influence my choice to become a successful business man.

I have always been interested in doing a business of my own. My personal inspiration has been my father who also is a successful businessman and employs many people. He is a real estate agency owner. I think that my current studies in business management would prepare me to start my own travel agency in Dubai. I am currently studying business theories and practical strategies that are necessary to do any kind of business.

To do a business, you must choose the right place and city (Sehgal, 2017). I have chosen Dubai to be the destination for my future travel agency. Dubai is a multicultural place which attracts millions of visitors each year (Michael, Armstrong, Badran, & King, 2011). I believe that I can establish a travel agency there and make it a success as I personally have a good experience of dealing with people from many countries and cultures. I have the theoretical background that I got from my studies. For example I know how to plan a business strategy and deal with the human resource to make my business a success. I have also worked as an intern in a few organization that gives me the practical insight into the actual functioning of an organization. I am aware that there are many risks involved in a business. I have studied risk management strategies and would love to apply these strategies in my own business.

I am enthusiastic about my business plan. When the right time comes, I would definitely make it a success with great efforts, consistency and hard work. I thank you all for listening to my speech.



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