Ice core data and climate change

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The video illustrates the data that was gathered from Ice that was 420,000 years old and was hidden at a depth of 3623 meters in Antarctica. The experiment was of great interest as it gave an insight into the history of the climate change. The ice formation at different levels provides an overview of what the environmental conditions that would have been at the specific time when the layer was formed. It gives data related to how much carbon dioxide and methane would have been present at that time.

Over the course of history, the atmospheric pressure and the existence of carbon dioxide has worked alongside that helped in keeping the temperature of the earth inside a desirable range by the living things. The experiments above have suggested that since 1960, there has been a rapid rise in the industrialization of the different countries which have resulted the self-regulated system of the earth’s atmosphere to be disturbed. This disturbance is primarily caused by the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide. The temperature of the earth is at a rise and could well go beyond the desired range.

The video has alarming information for the human beings as a specie. I think that we, the humans have not been careful of our acts and to add luxury and comfort to our lives, we are damaging the earth that has guaranteed us life. Climate change has always been labeled as a myth but its effects are now more visible compared to the past and we need to do something for it. Each one of us is responsible for it and all of us need to start to convert toward renewable sources of energy to decrease the release of carbon dioxide to the environment.