Forest fire and interaction between earth spheres

Changes may be occurring in one of more of the earth spheres, these changes may be a cause of some effects. One or more spheres may interact with each other that could have some effects. These effects may not always be in the best interest of our environment and could cause environmental problems.

The problem that I would like to elaborate here that may be a cause of the interaction between two or many earth layers is forest wildlife. Forest wildlife has negative implications for our shared environment as it could vanish green forests in great numbers which help the earth in absorbing the greenhouse gases and also have a great role to play in the amount of rain that falls in different countries of the world. Forests also provide hebetate to different animals. Forest fires may be the cause of many different species going instinct.

The interaction between different earth layers could be contributing to the forest fires. For example the hydrosphere provides moisture to the environment. If there is less moisture in the environment, the biosphere in the form of forest vegetation could go dry and be more prone to the spread of fire in the forest. The vegetation that is dried out due to less moisture may be hit by lightning strike from the atmosphere which could be a cause of fire the forests (Science, 2016).

Biosphere could be contributing to causing forest fires in many other ways. For example if a forest has abundance of dead branches, it would provide a definite fuel to the forest fires (Agee, 1996). The fires that are caused by the interaction between the atmosphere, hydrosphere and the biosphere may affect the lithosphere as well. It could break rocks in underneath forest due to intense heat cause by the fire.



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