A detailed overview of how yellow stones in the Northern America

Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snAHgkjmV5w


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  4. The main points of the video.
  5. Explanation of how the video relates to the topic(s) covered this week.
  6. Most interesting part of the video for you and why.


Video summary

The video provides a detailed overview of how yellow stones in the Northern America. This video highlights the geological phenomenon that might have caused the existence of these yellow stones which are a great attraction in the Yellow Stone National Park in America. To explain how they came into existence, the distant past history of North America and its formation. The ring formed by the rocks around the Yellow Stone National Park when studied via satellite images and other experiments it was discovered that it is in fact a big volcanic crater. The fact related to the existence and eruption of the volcano was also verified by the thin layer of ash under soil in California and other locations in South America. This eruption may have occurred around 650K years ago according to scientific experiments performed on the ash. Underneath Yellow Stone National Park is a great amount of hot molten rock structure according to geological studies.  Scientist are still to predict, when this silent volcano is again going to erupt.

Relation of video to the topic

The topic that we covered this week is related to igneous rocks and their formation. Yellow stone is also a type of igneous rocks. This week’s topic enables us to understand the composition of the yellow rocks which according to the topic text is a fine-crystalline felsic extrusive rock.

The topic also sheds light on how rocks are melted partially and then the magna rises upward and the earth is erupted. This phenomenon was also discussed in the video but not the depth that it is discussed here. First reading the topics covered this week and then watching the video helped me understand the texture and composition of yellow rocks.

Most interesting part of video

The most interesting part of this video for me was to see how the happenings at the time of eruption that could have occurred around 650K years can be re-created through modern technology. This re-creation of events have helped the geologists and other scientist how the eruption occurred, how hot could it have been, the speed at which the molten lava could have occupied different areas and how hot would it have been at that time. The reason I think that this part is important is because it would help us what could happen if such events may take place in the future. This modeling and re-creation of different events would prepare us better for the future. This modeling can also be applied to other volcanos and would definitely help in understanding their behavior and any effects their eruption might have on the immediate environment surrounding them and the environment beyond that.