Research Topic Proposal


The lifestyle of students is changing with times. From recent studies and observations, it

is assumed that college students prefer more junk food as compared to healthy food. I will

conduct a survey of 50 students at VCU and ask them their habit of drinking and eating so that

I can test whether the food lifestyle of the college student prefer healthy food or fast food.


Research Question

From the data collected from survey, I am going to test whether college students take care of

their health and eat healthy food or they just rely on the unhealthy and fast food. The research

will examine whether college students would rather eat junk food rather than healthy alternatives

and then will test whether there is any statistically significant association between the preference

of food and preference of drinks, gender, and exercise.


Research Design:

The data will be collected from 50 college students at VCU. I will give them

survey questions which consist of 15 questions to fill out. The data consist of nominal and

ordinal type. The population consists of the college students at VCU chosen randomly at

different times of the day.


Hypothesis: There is a significant association between the selection of food and other characteristics of college student such as preference of drinks, gender, and exercise.