Technological Barriers


The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to reflect on your use of technology and how it impacts your most important interpersonal relationships.


  • Submit this assignment via Canvas.
  • Write in traditional essay format (introduction, body, conclusion)
  • Your answers to each question should be a minimum of one paragraph. Develop thoughtful answers to the questions.
  • In order to get full points you need to use concepts from the textbook and class discussion (cite your sources), and use correct grammar, spelling, structure, etc.
  • When writing reflection papers, there is no right or wrong answer. This assignment is intended for you to learn about yourself based on the concepts we have read/discussed in class. Additionally, you should write in first person.


Watch these TED Talks: 

Tristan Harris: The manipulative tricks tech companies use to capture your attention (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Manoush Zomorodi: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Then answer each question below in at least full-paragraph format for each question.

  1. Document the kinds of technology you interact with.  Consider all the different screens in your life.  List them all and answer the following:  How much you use them, what purpose do they serve, and how much would you miss them if they disappeared?
  2. What relationships are most impacted by the use of these technologies and how?  List at least two positive and two negative aspects of the use of these technologies as it relates to your most important relationships.
  3. What changes should you consider in your use of technology in order to improve your relationships and your life?

The end result should be no less than three paragraphs of text plus intro and conclusion paragraphs.


Currently, the world we are living in is an era of advanced technology. Every part of our life is related to these new crafts in one way or another. The internet gadgets for instance, have changed how we use humour, how we communicate, work, study, behave, play and shop. Manoush Zomorodi in “How boredom can lead to your most brilliant idea”says that her iPhone helped to create her dream job where she could do different things at the same time. This essay will discuss the different kinds of technologies that I use and their impact.

I interact with different kind of technologies including emails, Smartphone and social networking sites. Mass media helps to reach a large segment of the population (p.6). I use my Smartphone to text and social network sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Telegram every day. On the other hand, I email at least once a week. I use the email to make any inquiries and to check the instructions given by my instructors. Social media sites and texting, on the other hand, helps me to connect with my friends and kill boredom. Besides, I can access resources which will help me to learn online. I wouldn’t imagine of their disappearance because I would greatly miss them.

The technologies mostly impact virtual relationships whereby we only communicate with friends and acquaintances online. It helps to create closer ties where I find friends who I can discuss important topics with. Besides, my relationship with my friends lasts over distance and time. They, however, replace face-to-face interactions where you can meet a friend and talk. They also may lead to inaccurate and distorted perceptions of others (p.27).

Some of the changes that I would consider to improve my relationship are to meet the friends I talk with. I would also consider the incorporation of ethical principles to promote respect and integrity (p. 12). Physical connections are stronger than virtual ones. I would also want to spend only a little time in these technologies so that I can participate in other meaningful activities.

In conclusion, the new technologies have come with various changes which have impacted our daily lives. It helps to create new friendships and maintain old ones by sending nonverbal messages. However, this mode of communication supports virtual relationships only.


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