Water samples on the basis of: PH, Orthophosphates and electrical conductivity ( EC)

Please write 300- 350 words report and compare water samples that we had on the basis of: PH, Orthophosphates and electrical conductivity ( EC). With this report, you will explain, how these water do differ regarding these 4 elements.


There are a lot of factors that affect water quality. Some of them are pH, Conductivity, Orthophosphate, Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen. We tested our samples for pH, Conductivity and Orthophosphate. pH is a measure of alkalinity and acidity of water; Conductivity is a measure of the ability of water to conduct an electric current; while orthophosphate is an essential nutrient for plant growth and is added to our drinking water as anti-corrosion to prevent lead contamination.

Procedures of measurements:

  • pH: We rinsed the pH electrode with deionized water to make sure we have accurate results, and the we measured our samples. The pH scale contains values falling between 0 and 14, where values lower than 7 are acidic and values higher than 7 are alkaline, 7 is neutral. Record results.
  • Conductivity: We rinsed the conductivity meter with deionized water to for accurate results, then measured the samples. Record results.
  • Orthophosphate: Set power to DR 2800 Spectrophotometer, take 25 ml sample water into 25 V-flask, prepare a sample of 25 ml of deionized water (blank), then add 1 ml of Molbedovandate reagent to samples, allow 10 minutes for color to change, measure the blank sample as zero then measure other samples. Record results.

Samples Results:

Sample Name pH Orthophosphate (PO4-P) Conductivity (uS)
Rock Creek1 8.14 0.2 1,083
Little Falls 8.82 -0.1 1,130
Rock Creek2 7.43 -0.4 1,170
Lanham, MD 7.17 1.4 1,992
Tap Water 7.59 0.1 350
Anacostia River 7.25 -0.8 1,333
Tuckerman 7.34 1.3 2,057


  • Highest pH: Mass. Avenue; and the cause may be high COin water or use of salts to dissolve snow.
  • Lowest pH: Lanham; absence of sediments that may result in change of pH.
  • Highest phosphorus levels: Lanham, MD.
  • Lowest phosphorus levels: Anacostia River.
  • Highest Conductivity: Tuckerman; the cause may be high levels of rocks and dissolved solids and mineral salts.
  • Lowest Conductivity: Tap water; the cause may be low levels of dissolved solids and mineral salts.