My Daughter, Malala

Write for a few minutes about the Exigence that Yousafzai is responding to with his speech, “My Daughter, Malala.” What is Yousafzai’s underlying motivation for making this speech? Is there a personal exigence, a social exigence, or some other reason that he makes this speech in this way?

No matter which exigence you choose, be sure to include at least one strong example from the text that supports you idea about Yousafzai’s motivation. Also, you need to clearly explain how this example supports your claim about exigence.

Yousafzia completed his speech about his daughter Malala which she was attacked by Taliban due of her being famous and for studying, although he did this speech in English to show the Westerns world what is happening in the Easters part of the world. Yousafzia made this a social exigence to tell the whole world what happened to his daughter, for example, “Dear brothers and sisters, we learned from her how to be resilient in the most difficult times, and I’m glad to share with you that despite being an icon for the rights of children and women”, this explain his social exigence, to the world including men and women which he wanted to share to everyone in the world specially the Westerns.

Yousafzai was speaking to Westerners such as Americans, because he was talking in a clear English, although his audience was Americans, he explained what happened to Malala in his country, because he wanted to show to western how some of the Eastern get treated such as, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yousafzai did send the message to the world due the attack of his daughter, and also explained how successful his daughter was, she had many awards and she was always on T.V but Talban attacked her until she died because of the strict rules that a girl shouldn’t be on T.V nor famous, “if we glance to human history, the story of women is the story of injustice, inequality, violence and exploitation.” Yousafzai wants Pakistan to be like westerns, where the allow the girl to study whatever she wants, he wants justice, and equality between men and women in the Eastern side.