Write a paragraph or two that. As you do, please provide examples when possible. 


It’s all about the United Arab Emirates and The United States. As we are known Arabs that like oily food, which is always made in the house, where my mom cooks or the mades, I can’t resist my mom food, which I barely eat from MacDonald’s, burger king and ETC. I am a kind of a guy that I love my culture own food where I always eat in the house, and I would be sad if I didn’t eat food from the house, as its more delicious, cleaner and of course I made up from the best hands my mom. After deciding to move to The United States, the most thing that I was worried is losing the good taste of the best food, which made me very sad, I moved here to America, I barely eat, I couldn’t eat the usual food that I eat in my home country, where my home country uses a lot of rice in the food, that was the missing part, but for how, I always hear that American burgers and food are the best, which is correct, I loved the restaurants here by the time I gained a lot of weight, where I got a lot of studies and homework to do, by starting searching in Google, I found many Arabic restaurants here in Fairfax, for example, Saba restaurants and Aldeerah Saudi kitchen, which made me smell the nice smell that I used to in the United Arab Emirates.