Salesmanship Test 2 Part 2

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Which step is in the middle of the six step presentation plan from our book?

service the sale


Organizational culture can be defined as all of the following except:

collection of beliefs
behaviors and work patterns
set of industry norms
internal practices and procedures


A cost-benefit analysis can be used by salespeople to:

qualify the prospect
eliminate the competition
quantify the solution
determine which products should be featured


An advantage of using a sales team is that they can:

initiate several first calls for the customer
shorten the selling cycle
compete against each other to gain a customer
contact the customer daily to determine their status


Which type of software is used in pipeline management?

Account Tracking Files
Customer Relationship Management
Telemarketing Packages
Digital Analysis Reading

The balanced funnel approach is used to determine _____ at each stage of the sales process.

the number of prospects and amount of revenue
the number of products and total profits
the number of salespeople and manhours
the number of completed sales and complaints


A good example of a product that features product differentiation is:

Domino sugar
Duron paints
Starbucks coffee
Papermate pens


If Jay always buys his groceries at Kroger grocery store, then he has a ____ buying motive.



Preparation for the actual sales presentation includes:

prospecting and qualifying
research and data collection
rehearsal and positive self-talk
the preapproach and the approach


Which of the following is not a good source of prospects for salespeople?

voter lists
cold calling
trade shows or trade publications


Cold calling is defined as:

calling people with a prerecorded message
calling people who may or may not be prospects
calling a client’s referral list
calling an entire database of people


Product strategies should be tailored to:

increasing total sales of the product
customer’s specific buying needs
offering the lowest price possible
creating the highest profit possible


In the total product concept model, which item is on the outermost ring?

actual product
expected product
value added product
potential product


During sales presentations, the best salespeople:

avoid mentioning the competition
never criticize the competition
only discuss the competition with correct facts
all of the above


Which of the following is not a group influence on the buying decision?

reference group
social class
companies in the industry
culture or subculture


One of the most important roles a salesperson can play is to:

simplify the customer’s product choices
communicate all product features
emphasize the value in the product
communicate the customer’s needs to the company


At the heart of adaptive selling is the belief that:

each sales call must be tailored to the customer
each sales call is equally important
each sales call requires a different strategy
each sales call provides valuable information


The average company is likely to lose what percent of its customers each year?



If a customer has a high degree of involvement, then the buying decision is said to be:


Which of the following is not a good strategy to overcome sales call reluctance?

practice the approach
try out different tactics on customers
be optimistic about the outcome
realize it is normal to feel anxious