Salesmanship Test 2 Part 1

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Sales intelligence is necessary when the sale is:

personal and emotional
business-related and rational
complex with a long closing cycle
online and international


Buyer resolution theory questions include all of the following except:

Where should I buy?
When should I buy?
How should I buy?
What should I buy?


With regards to sales, one influencing factor in the product life cycle is:

product features
competitive activity
product cost
target market


The main purpose of a salesperson is:

to create products
to create customers
to create markets
to create sales


Which statement is true?

Telesales are the same thing as telemarketing.
Telesales can be like traditional sales.
Telesales are used primarily for difficult customers.
Telesales are used only when sales budgets are low.


A statement is only a benefit when:

it meets a customer need
it is included in the sales presentation
it is true
it matches a feature


Losing prospects is a common problem for salespeople. Which of the following reasons is not a typical one for losing prospects?

customer moves
business fails
one time need
salesperson is unavailable


The goal of the salesperson is to establish:

the one time sale
long term customer relationships
sales quotas that can be easily met
a small but reliable base of good customers


Buyer behavior describes:

how people buy
when people buy
why people buy
what people buy


A “summer special price” on grass seed would be considered a:

transactional discount
promotional discount
seasonal discount
volume discount


In the total product concept, which item is at the center of the model?



The greatest challenge salespeople have today is:

to improve responsiveness to customers
to improve products for customers
to improve sales promotion techniques
to improve communication skills


The primary goal of prospecting is to:

complete the selling cycle
learn what competitors are offering
determine the most profitable markets
build a base of current and potential customers


The golden rule of selling says to:

treat the customer as you would like to be treated
treat each customer like a family member
the customer is always right
put the customer’s needs before your own



One key rule for sales people is to remember that:

contact the gatekeeper last during a sales call
the gatekeeper and decision maker are the same
treat the gatekeeper with respect
do not rely on the gatekeeper for information


Which phase comes last in the typical buying process?

evaluation of solutions
resolution of problem


Which question is not used when qualifying a prospect?

Does the prospect need the product?
Does the prospect have the authority to buy?
Does the prospect have the financial resources to buy?
Has the prospect purchased the product before?


Creating value for customers often requires:

hiring the best sales force
offering the lowest prices
leveraging the full assets of the company
using the latest technology in the product


Which of the following is part of quantifying the solution?

spreadsheet analysis
lifelong customer savings
return on investment
calculating the value added


The best product selling strategy for mature products would be to:

provide excellent customer service
establish new standards
create new markets
lower the product price