Microsoft Access includes a desktop Asset tracking


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Part 1:

In today’s world, most college students will own at least one electronic device, such as a cell phone. Many students have multiple electronic devices. Microsoft Access includes a desktop Asset tracking template that you can modify to keep track of your electronic devices, such as cell phone, MP3 player, and computer. Get together with your group and make a list of the electronic devices that each of you own. Use the desktop Asset tracking template to create an Electronic Assets database. Watch the video to learn how the database works. As a team, review the fields in the Assets table and decide which fields to include in the database. Delete any unwanted fields. Decide how you will describe each device, for example, will you use the term cell phone, smartphone, or mobile phone? Have each team member enter at least two devices. Create a query to find one type of device, such as cell phone.

Part 2:

You made several decisions while creating the Electronic Assets database. Which fields did you decide to delete from the Assets table? What terms did you use to describe each device? What was the rationale for these decisions?


Access Assets Templates


First open Microsoft Access.

Open an asset Template from the menu with prompt to open different types of Access databases.

Inside the asset list, add new asset.

This will prompt for different data fields to be filled. Some of them, you might opt to fill while you can delete the other fields that you don’t need. Following is a description on what fields I chose and why.

Decisions I made

Add a new Category e.g. Smart Phones and remove the existing categories. Add any other descriptions for the item just added. I decided to add Manufacturer, Model and Purchase price. Also added the owners who are my friends who I contacted to participate in this project.

I did not add the acquired date, current value and retired date for all the items as this information would not be required and may not be correct as this would be a mere guess.

I also left the condition for all the electronic items that me and my friends hold as Good as they all are not new but in good condition.

Towards the end, I added the names of the owners of different items. I did not feel to add the description of the items as the adding the manufacturer, model, price, condition etc. information provides enough information.

I added all the items of each friend one after the other. For example, I added the electronics items of “Shakeel” first. It helped me in making the categories for different electronic items that I can use later when I am adding the electronic items of other friends.


I have created a query called “Ownership”. You can filter out what electronic device with its manufacturer model and category in this query. For example, if you select only “Shakeel” from the drop down menu in the owner list, it will show electronic