What are the five characteristics of effective teams?

Importance of effective teams is inevitable for the success of an organizations or businesses. There are different traits which play important role in making teams effective. Some characteristics are briefly mentioned here below.

Well Defined Goals

It is common in great result oriented teams that their managers or leaders make sure that every member of their team understands the end goals and the game plan and contributes his or her level best to achieve the target.

Communication and Cooperation

It is very important for the achievements of a team that their contributors effectively communicate and share. In every scenario communication from top to bottom level of any setup is always crucial and it helps the mangers to tackle the potential challenges and make better and timely decisions.

Trust and Dedication

Nothing can beat the importance of strong sense of trust and dedication among the members of successful teams. It is important for the managers to understand that success is deeply rooted in positively changing the individual behaviors and motivating the team to improve their effectiveness and it only possible through inculcating a strong feeling trust and dedication among the members.


It is also very important to have diversity among team members in the form of skills, culture or personalities. This diversity helps to solve different type of problems and have varying viewpoints from member which eventually results in increased effectiveness.

The Right Team Leader

It is a proven fact that a competent leader helps to motivate the team and maintain its focus on the set targets. He or she enhances mutual understanding, trust and reduces the communication gap among the members and improves their effectiveness as team.