SOCY 1101 Exam 2

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Question 1

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In the video on immigration, the speaker noted that global immigration has changed in two ways

You Answered


More migration, and more north/south migration



Less migration than in the past


Correct Answer


More migration, and more south/south migration



More migration, and more east-west migration



Question 2

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We read an article describing the increase in mothers as primary providers for families. According to the data presented, most of the increase in mothers as primary breadwinners is due to:



Increase in single parent families



Women increasingly out-earning men in the workplace



Increased male unemployment



All of the answers are correct.



Question 3

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—Why does Wadjda’s mother have a driver?

You Answered


She does not know how to drive



It is considered bad luck for a woman to drive herself


Correct Answer


Women are forbidden from driving in Saudi Arabia



The family is very wealthy and hires the driver



Question 4

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In a video shown in class, we saw how female genital mutilation occurs in contemporary Kenya. Female genital mutilation usually takes place

You Answered


none of the choices are correct.



in a modern hospital with general anesthetic.


Correct Answer


on a plastic sheet in a shed with no anesthetic.



in the girl’s home with a doctor attending.


Question 5

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In class we learned that in the U.S. today

You Answered


Less than half of families with children under 18 have two parents in workforce.

Correct Answer


Over half of families with children under 18 have two parents in workforce.


Almost all families with children under 18 have two parents in workforce


Less than a tenth of families with children under 18 have two parents in workforce


Question 6

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In the in-class movie we saw, the Biosociology of Dominance and Deference, the dominant individual in an interaction was always

You Answered


the biggest person



the most aggressive person



the tallest person


Correct Answer


none of the options are true






Question 7

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The change from high death rates to low death rates, and the subsequent change from high birth rates to low birth rates is called the ____.



The Demographic Transition



The Dearth of Death



Mortality Migration



The Great Coincidence



Question 8

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Between 1945 and 1965 fertility rates in the US ____.







stayed the same



declined sharply



declined slightly



Question 9

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In 1650 infant mortality went down, most notably in _____.




Northwestern Europe






Eastern Europe



the Sahara desert



Question 10

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Before the industrial revolution, most mortality in Europe had been from _____.






Communicable Diseases






Violent Crime



Question 11

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Since the 17th century, people have gotten, on average _____.















Question 12

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In class we saw a video featuring the social psychologist Stanley Milgram. This video highlighted his study of ______.

You Answered


murders in New York City and their effects


Correct Answer


to what extent people would obey orders from authority to inflict pain on another person.


the student-teacher relationship in New York City classrooms


how external cues influenced human interactions



Question 13

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Hierarchies in groups form most often ____.


after weeks, if at all



after several hours




within ten minutes



within ten seconds



UnansweredQuestion 14

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The Asch studies showed that people



rarely conform to the group


Correct Answer


mostly conform to the group



only conform to the group if they think it is in their interests


always conform to the group



Question 15

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______ is an area of sociological study that describes and explains people’s social phenomena they produce in terms of the meanings these behaviors have for the people involved.


Symbolic Diffusion



Diffusic morphism




Symbolic interactionism



Responsibility diffusion



Question 16

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Marriage between one man and one women is called















Question 17

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In contemporary society, people tend to marry _____.


at random






people from the same sign of the zodiac as themselves




people from the same class as themselves



Question 18

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_____ is assets in the form of real estate, stocks, bonds, and savings.















Question 19

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Horticultural societies are usually organized as___.



either tribes or chiefdoms









parliamentary democracies



UnansweredQuestion 20

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The Vanderbilts would be a member of which group?



Bottom out-of-sight





Correct Answer


Top out-of-sight



Mid proletarian



Question 21

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Which of the following countries has the highest infant mortality?

You Answered







Correct Answer








Question 22

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_____ is not one of Rostow’s four stages of development


the conditions for take-off



the age of high mass-consumption




the intellectual revolt



the traditional society



Question 23

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In the world today, the richest 25% of population receives _____% of the world income















Question 24

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_____ says that the reason poor countries didn’t develop is because they were forcibly dependent on rich countries.


the theory of country evolution




Dependency theory



Nihilistic Anarchy theory



Independency Theory



Question 25

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If children of blue-collar workers become white-collar workers, it probably is because:



All options are correct




Changes in technology have meant a greater proportion of jobs are white-collar


Some children of white-collar workers have become blue-collar workers.



none of the options are correct



Question 26

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_________ is the term for a set of cultural expectations regarding the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of males and females; while ­­­­­­­­­­__________ is the term for the division of humanity into biological distinctions of male and female.



sexism;           sexual orientation



sex;     gender


sexuality;       gender identification



gender;          sex


Question 27

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Which one of the following statements is true regarding social stratification?



Social stratification does not exist in the United States..



Social stratification is only found in industrial societies



Social stratification is universal since it is found in all societies


Social stratification is a meaningless concept.


Question 28

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In the U.S., income inequality_


has decreased since the 1960s



has not changed much since the 1960s




has been increasing since the 1960s



has only recently started to increase



UnansweredQuestion 29

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There was a class discussion on problems with social security and medicare funding. Shortfalls in funding are due to

Correct Answer


all the answers are correct



the retirement of the baby boom generation



increasing cost of medical care



people living longer lives



UnansweredQuestion 30

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In the movie Wadjda, Wadjda learns in her religion class that girls

Correct Answer


must handle the Koran with a tissue if they are menstruating


can only touch the Koran with special permission from a religious teacher


are never allowed to touch the Koran



must not touch the Koran if they are menstruating



Question 31

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Rock-and-roll music is associated with _____.


The echo boom



Generation Y




The baby boom



Generation X



Question 32

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_____ states that the person who is least dependent on a relationship has the most power in said relationship.


the Altruism Principle



Non-Symbolic interactionism




the Power-Dependence Principle



Symbolic interactionism



Question 33

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Which is not a specific status characteristic for a group stranded in rural Wales?






ability to speak Welsh



ability to read maps



skill as a hunter



Question 34

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Social situations similar to the prisoner’s dilemma often result in a less than optimal outcome. This is because


Prisoners can never work out their problems



Prisoners are often not moral people



None of the choices are correct




There is always an incentive for an individual to cheat



Question 35

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Government policies in poor countries typically favor _____ populations.















Question 36

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Currently, which region has the least amount of rural poverty?



Europe and Central Asia



sub-Saharan Africa



South Asia



the Middle East & North Africa


Question 37

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People get into white-collar occupations by ____.


assaulting their co-workers




going to school



going to jail



bribing public officials



Question 38

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In which societies is social inequality most pronounced?












Hunting and gathering



Question 39

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In many societies both in the past and the present, rules regarding women


None of the choices are correct



are rarely different to rules regarding men




often attempt to control their sexuality



usually give women substantial freedom to go where they want


Question 40

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India is an example of a country where _____.


most people own cars



communism has led to economic stagnation




there is a huge difference between the destitute rural areas and the rich(er) urban areas


every one is roughly equal in wealth and status