New Testament II Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions, the answers for which are found in the video:

  1. What happened to St. Stephen?

He was accused of blaspheming Moses and God and was brutally stoned to death.


  1. What occurred on the “road to Damascus”?

He heard the voice of resurrected Christ and then converted to Christianity.

  1. Saul became known by what name and title?

Paul the Apostle


  1. Who accompanied Paul on his First Journey?

Barnicus – a trusted friend and a loyal Christian


  1. Paul met Timothy on which journey?

On his Third journey

  1. What is the “counter-cultural” message inherent in Paul’s preaching?

This was an anti-imperialist message. The citizenship of people is not on Earth in Cesar’s kingdom. In fact, he argued that Jesus Christ was the Savior and Lord and not the worldly kings.  The message was thus revolutionary in that it turned people’s allegiance from the local kings to Jesus Christ.


  1. What occurred on Mars Hill?

Paul encountered the elite council called Aeriopigus. He also called gave his famous speech there.


  1. Where was Galatians probably written?

In Corinth.

  1. How did Paul escape judgement in Jerusalem?

In the appeal process, he used his status as a Roman citizen to exercise his right to appeal to the Cesar. Thus, he was sent to Rome to get a trial there.


  1. What happened to Paul once he reached Rome?

He spent two years under house arrest where he continued his preaching.  Later, under Nero’s rule, Paul was beheaded.