What are the five characteristics of effective teams

  1. Free flow of communication. This is the basic trait of an effective team. As long as the team enjoys free and unrestricted flow of communication, the goal becomes clear, easier to achieve and the team performs with utmost efficiency.
  2. Specialization in every department. As long as all the members are specialized in their respective departments, the achievement of intended goal becomes rather easy. Since all team members are dependent on each other, therefore, if all of them know their jobs well, then the overall efforts, saves both time and energy.
  3. Mutual respect for each and every member. If all team members, irrespective, whether they are seniors or juniors get equal amount of respect and courtesy from each other, then the entire team stays charged and motivated, and perform at optimum level.
  4. Handling disagreements. In effective team work, all team members, agree to disagree sometimes. When people work together, disagreements can and do arise. The most important trait of an effective team is their ability to handle their disagreements well, and find ways around them.
  5. Collective enthusiasm. Effective teams always display collective enthusiasm. It is almost impossible for a team to perform effectively without being enthusiastic about their goals. As long as each and every member of the team is equally enthusiastic, the team will be effective and productive.