ENG 236 Orientation Quiz

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  • Question 1
I have read the syllabus, including the late policy, and reviewed all materials in Assignments. I commit to following the policies in both.
Selected Answer: True


Response Feedback: Great! We will have a productive and exciting adventure for eight weeks!
  • Question 2
This course will be a survey of the following genre:
Selected Answer: 3.

The short story genre, examined chronologically from its early precursors to contemporary times.

  • Question 3
This course is how many weeks long?
Selected Answer: 2.

Eight (8)

  • Question 4
The course is divided into four units: Precursors, 19th C, Modern, and Contemporary.  Each unit will be comprised of the following:
Selected Answer: Readings, discussions, unit quizzes and a unit project. There is also a midterm and a final.


Response Feedback: Read the syllabus:  each unit will consist of readings, discussion and a unit project.       There will also be a midterm and a final.
  • Question 5
Most questions can be answered by looking carefully in the syllabus and other course materials but if I still have a question I need answered I can post it in the Question forum in the Discussion Board.
Selected Answer: True
  • Question 6
The specific grading policy, as well as the course objectives and technical requirements for the course are located in the syllabus which is linked on the menu.
Selected Answer: True
  • Question 7
I can easily slide by in this course by skimming the reading, doing my assignments very quickly with little thought and sending my professor emails claiming the dog ate my flashdrive.
Selected Answer: False


Response Feedback: No. You can’t.  You must commit to doing a great deal of reading in the eight weeks, giving careful consideration to your assignments and never leaving your flashdrive where your (or my) dog can chew it up.
  • Question 8
There is a link in Start Here to a listing of the menu options for the course.  I will be sure to familiarize myself with the menu early on in the course.
Selected Answer: True
  • Question 9
There are readings for each unit, a quiz and unit project for each unit, and eight discussion questions. There is a midterm and a final which you have to take in the Testing Center of your choice, or by proctoring arrangement made by you.
Selected Answer: True
  • Question 10
When I complete this course, I will have a wide-ranging and indepth knowledge of the history of the short story and how the genre developed, reflecting social and cultural changes throughout the centuries.
Selected Answer: True