Research Methods Assignment

Part A : COPY THIS WORDING THEN GET START!! EXACTLY! The format is exactly like this you just need to put what is written next to each step. REMEMBER MY AREA IS EVENT MANAGEMENT.

A. “As I review my theoretical underpinnings I identify possible problems, questions, issues, or topics.

– From my theoretical structure I Identify;

1 ……..
2……..  < it can be problems, issues, topics whatever put 2
– From my research structure I identify;

1. ….. < put two things problems, issues or topics here
2…….. < any two not finding a job predict your self already working

B. General problem area/topic statement and to significance. This significance because …… << anything could be problem to events put it here.

C. Review of literature < 5 articles paragraph for each article and how it ties in with the problem. < you can use the one u used for last assignment

D. Summary statement – All 5 articles in one summary together. Related to part B general problems area.

  1. “As I review my theoretical underpinnings I identify possible problems, questions, issues, or topics. From my theoretical structure, I identity a lack of focus on events as a likely factor in promoting tourism. Thus, in my research I will seek to research non-conventional ways through which the volume of international tourists can be increased to US tourist sports. More particularly, I will discuss how tourism can be promoted through holding, hosting or sponsoring special events and festivals which may attract international tourists. Secondly, to establish the potential significance of events as increasing tourism, I will draw upon the literature and statistics on tourism from major events such as FIFA World Cup etc.


From my research structure, I identity that there’s a lack of research on how holding special events can contribute towards promotion of tourism. Secondly, the focus, I believe, in tourism studies has predominantly been upon international tourists and very little attention has been paid to promotion of rural tourism.


  1. I argue that the two key problems/ research gaps in literature identified above (lack of focus on events as a way to attract tourists, and lack of focus on developing rural tourism) are of great significance. The research on these issues is lacking and the findings will allow scholars in the field to broaden their frames of reference. My research will also point towards new directions for future research in the field and will allow scholars to have a more holistic understanding of tourism as comprising a broader field of entertainment industry.


In this research endeavor, among other articles, Komppula’s article will be of great intellectual worth. It is because, Komppula provides an insightful account of how new niches in tourism industry can be created and successfully promoted. This will allow me to argue my case for event-management as a new niche. Relatedly, Vietze’s research will allow us to have a more nuanced understanding of such type of tourism as a cultural phenomenon. Likewise, Gartner’s research will be helpful to argue how rural tourism in the US is a relatively neglected and under-developed field of tourism. Similarly, Loannides’ and Tomothy’s research will be useful in mapping out a general historical development of the tourism industry in the USA. Such mapping out will help us predict the future directions of the tourism industry in the US. In the same lieu, Levkos’ research will help us highlight some of the prominent problems the US tourist industry is currently facing.


  1. Thus, all these 5 articles and books will be helpful in surveying the important ways through which the US tourist industry can be promoted. The research of these authors will allow me to argue a case for the promotion of event-management and rural tourism as new niches in the tourism industry.


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