MGMT 490 Prospectus

Key Steps In Writing A Case


  1. Identify the case topic, setting, primary focus, and perspective.
  2. Obtain relevant public background materials and knowledgeable informant insights.

III. Obtain access, approval, and clarify anonymity issues with key gatekeeper.

  1. Obtain relevant documents, minutes, reports and other appropriate materials.
  2. Develop preliminary chronology of key events leading to controversy or decision and identify key players and issues.
  3. Consider varied perspective and sources of information and pedagogical purpose of the case.

VII. Develop interview protocol (key questions for various informants) and further information to collect. This will evolve further.

VIII. Conduct interviews and collect other documents, information and materials.

  1. Develop case outline and style of presentation.
  2. Draft case. Obtain comment and feedback from key gatekeeper (and other students). Revise and finalize the case.



Case Writing Prospectus


A helpful step is to prepare a brief prospectus for the case you are proposing to write, to help outline your logic and support. Here is a sample format:




  1. Tentative Title and Author(s)


  1. Setting: Institution, System and Agency. Sub unit or office if appropriate.


III. Primary Focus: What is the major controversy, decision, or issue that is the primary focus of this case?


  1. Prospectus: What person or group plays the central role in this controversy on decision?


  1. Pedagogical Purpose: What educational purpose do you anticipate for this case? What issues will it highlighted? What management for leadership function or process does it address?


  1. Background Information: What materials and information do you already have on this situation?


VII. Access: Do you have personal access to the key gatekeepers in this situation? Is access a problem? If so, what help could you use?


VIII. Approval Anonymity: Assuming the case will be shared and/or used in teaching settings, from whom will you seek approval to do the case (if it is not done only from documents and public records)? Will it be necessary to disguise the case? How will you deal with issues of informant confidentiality/anonymity if requested.