1. Law enforcement Record management system

Law enforcement Record management system: The system is elaborate as it is used to provide the functionality of storage, retrieval, retention, manipulation, achieving, and viewing files, information, documents and records. Through the process, law enforcement agencies are able to aid enforcement operations. In this system, the records mostly entail field contacts, incident and accident reports, case management, arrests, warrants, and citation. However, the system does not run general business functions such as purchasing, budget, payroll, finance, and human resource functions.

  1. The Homicide Investigation and Tracking System (HITS)

The Homicide Investigation and Tracking System (HITS) is a murder and sexual assault investigation system within the Criminal Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Washington that collects, collates and analyzes the salient characteristics of all murders and predatory sexual offenses in Washington. The mission of the system us to create a link, collect and analyze reports on homicide and subsequently provide the law enforcement agencies with necessary facilitation so as to ensure speedy apprehension and prosecution of violent criminals and resolution of violent crimes.

  1. NIBIN-National Integrated Ballistics Information Network

The national integrated Ballistic Information Network is a nationally interconnected computer-assisted ballistic imaging system, and it is a system that is crucial to the successful examination of firearms in a bid to establish its bullets and the resultant cartridge cases. The system has been crucial in the solving and prevention of crime by state police department as it can easily capture and make a comparison of the various ballistic evidence. The system is majorly composed of computer connected networks, and given that it is shared nationally, it is easy for criminal history from a different state to be easily captured and noted from a different state. It is because of the massive work involved that the system has been designed and is maintained across 80 offices across the country.

  1. Police Information system

This is the software that is adopted by organizations in running various crucial organizational functions besides the enforcement functions. The system consists of a dynamic database, institutional procedures, people, computer equipment and related programs. The system is designed in such a manner that it can collect, store, update, and facilitate the use of data. Unlike the other systems highlighted earlier, the data obtained is used for both the internal affairs of the police organizations and the external environment.