How do timing tactics impact the strategy implementation efforts of a company?

Timing is everything in business because the product life cycle runs the operation strategy as well as other strategies. Since everything evolves around the product life cycle like a clock, timing tactics are vital to a manufacturer. The timing tactics are the beginning of strategy implementation. They decide the budgets and procedures, both of which affect the actual results. Wrong timing can crash the whole system. For example, if the company picked the wrong time to implement the strategy, then the competitors already rolled the procedures for a new products. Then the timing is too late, and the benefits of being first in the market will be lost to competitors. Timing tactic has a lot to do with competition. If there is a pressure to put competitors out of the race, then timing is crucial to win the race. In the cases of technology, this is quite common. Whoever gets the newest technology first, gets to be the pioneer who the customer is always hyped up about, and the hype lasts for a long time.