Healthy Watch

The increasing number of diseases that currently face humans motivated me to come up with an invention that brings a solution for this dilemma. I chose to make a very small computer built in a hand watch.  Through electromagnetic waves, the band detects the health status of the body. Accordingly, the computer analyzes the data and communicates with the wearer suggesting necessary actions.

Since watches are very easy to wear, then the special new built in computer would be easy to carry around. Furthermore, its wide range of flexibility is highly important because it enables the individual to have it anywhere at any time even during sleep.

From the band of the watch, electromagnetic wave signals are sent through the skin to measure blood pressure, nutrients level, daily energy intake and consumption, and various other measurements that are related to the individual’s health. Those measurements are analyzed by the watch and then, the wearer receives signals, sounds, or suggestions posted at the watch screen to perform a certain action. For instance, if the person has eaten two pieces of cake so far, sugar level in the blood raises and thus, the computer will detect that change. Then, the watch will suggest to the person to stop eating sugary food and it will beep every time the person eats meals that are high with sugar content. Essentially, the computer is able to track any modification in the person’s health and then ask him to act accordingly.


Furthermore, the uniqueness of this watch is its adaptability to the person’s health condition and prospective health target. Through an interactive app that could be controlled on the screen of the watch, the wearer would register his/her information such as age, gender, and body mass index (BMI).  Those variables will alter the frequency and level of suggestions. For instance, “the protein needs of elderly people are probably higher than for the young” (Young, 1990). Therefore, the watch would allow for higher daily intake of protein for older people.

As far as design goes, the watch size will be small and it will have a simple design without a logo. The screen will be big and square shaped for the sake of showing the results, signals, and propositions in a clear way. The band will be coated black in hard plastic because it its density protects the sensors inside it. In order to attract a larger market, the price of the watch will be 700 USD which is much cheaper than many high end watches. On the other hand, this watch will serve as a nutritionist or personal doctor so the price should be conceived as reasonable to the community.

Through this innovative watch, the entire society will be influenced. People would be able to better track their health progress and attain goals they always dreamed of. For instance while everyone might be aware that ice cream is not healthy, most people tend to eat it despite the known side effects. However, if the watch is signaling “STOP, your fatty acids level is very high for today”, then the person will become self-conscious might be more motivated to stop eating the ice cream.

Furthermore, the concept of this invention is to highlight the healthy life style, which makes a difference in people’s life and could lead to eradication of several pandemic diseases such as obesity. Besides food, beverage intake will be monitored as well which will be very helpful. Many people forget to drink enough water during the day or they might even substitute water with other drinks such as soda or juice. However, using this innovative watch the person will receive alerts to drink water because the band senses the skin as non-hydrated.

Moreover, the program could be customized based on the person’s needs. If a person is facing the problem of obesity and wants to cut down on weight, the watch will track the energy intake and ask the person to choose alternatives because simple carbohydrates are easily detected for their peak rise in the sugar blood level as opposed to fibers from whole foods. Additionally, the watch could tell the person to go take a walk or exercise because there was no movement reported for the last few hours which has adverse consequences on the wearer’s health.

Essentially, this special computer installed in the watch could serve as the permanent nutritionist and family doctor for the person. Alerts and reminders always push the person to progress in some sort of action that will help him on the long term. For instance, if a person is told to take a break because he has been sitting on the computer for the past three hours, then he will most likely do it. Otherwise, the person might easily forget and may stay for another three hours without feeling any pain until the next day.


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