Healthy Watch

Apple and Nike partnered hiring an innovative engineering team to develop the concept of iwatch, which is also known as the fuel band. The uniqueness about this digital watch is that it provides monitoring of all-day physical activity by measuring the number of movements, quality of the move, and the frequency at which the motion is done (, 2015). Thus, it gives more accurate measurements of the energy expenditure of the individual. Inspired by this innovative watch, I chose to make a very small computer that is a watch size where its band could detect through electromagnetic waves the health status of the body.

Since watches are very easy to wear, then the special new built in computer would be easy to carry around using the watch. The point of the watch is to monitor the health of the person and as a result, signifies to him what to do, when to move, or when to stop. Through the band of the watch, signals are sent through the skin to measure blood pressure, nutrients level, daily energy intake and consumption, and various other things related to health.

Consequently, the watch carrier would get signals, sounds, or orders from the computer to make a move or do the required thing in order to attain that goal. For instance, if the person has eaten two pieces of cake so far, sugar level in the blood will raise and thus the computer will detect it ordering the person to stop eating sugary food. Basically, the computer is able to track any health progress of the individual and order him to proceed accordingly.

Through this innovative computer, the entire society will be influenced. People would be able to better track their health progress and attain goals they always dreamed of. While everyone might be aware that ice cream is not healthy, most people tend to eat unconsciously and if the watch is screaming “STOP, your and fat level are very high”, then the person will become self-conscious and be tempted to stop.

Furthermore, the concept of this invention is to highlight the small things that make a difference but do not get as much attention as needed. For instance, most people forget to drink enough water especially my friends and I. Sometimes we drink coca cola because we feel thirsty. However, if we had that watch, we will receive alerts to drink water because our skin is not as hydrated as it should be. Numerous other examples could be used in the process of maintaining optimal health without having to write down and stay constantly alert.

Moreover, the program could be customized based on the person’s needs. If an elderly person is suffering from back pain and sits in a wrong position, the watch would order him to change his sitting position. If another person is facing the problem of obesity and wants to cut down on weight, the watch will track the energy intake and order the person to choose alternatives because simple carbohydrates are easily detected for their peak rise in the sugar blood level as opposed to fibers from whole foods. Additionally, the watch could tell the person to go take a walk or exercise because there was no movement reported for the last few hours which has adverse consequences if the person is trying to lose weight.

Essentially, this special computer installed in the watch could serve as the constant nutritionist and family doctor for the person. Alters and reminders always push the person to progress in some sort of action, which he would not do otherwise. If I was told I should take a break because I have been sitting on the computer for the past three hours, I will do it. Otherwise, I will stay for another three hours without feeling anything wrong until the next day.