Chinese and South Asian Conceptions of the Good Life

Article Chinese and South Asian Conceptions of the Good Life

and Personal Narratives written by Gregory Bonn and Romin W. Tafarodi is a research they have come up with to understand what the meaning of good life it to people. Chinese and South Asian international students at a Canadian University were compared when they arrived and how they fit in and adjusted. Predictions about how these groups differ in the prevalence of various topical categories were made on the basis of previous research on cultural conceptions of a good life. It shows how they differ from being international and how they cope and deal with the difference they experience every day by just being there and going to class.  (Bonn and Tafarodi 2013) Chinese were found to be more practical and prudential in their focus than South Asians.

A majority of the predictions were confirmed, supporting the general claim that Chinese tend more toward practical and prudential concerns, and less toward spiritual and beneficent concerns, than do South Asians. Research also includes significant sociocultural varieties in beliefs about the good life. These examines also research back on these students’ old work and work they do now being at the Canadian University. It is a core tenet of cultural psychology that how one understands, interprets, and relates to the surrounding world is guided largely by cultural models (Markus and Kitayama 2003;Quinn 2003; Shore 1996). Getting to know how they will adjust to this life and know what happiness really means, they are asked to think from the future to the present. Also think from the present to the future, some students thought from when they will be eighty five years old.


Gathering up this research and collecting all the information you have to ask the right questions. After reading and going through everything I can now see how society and surroundings and effect people in some good or bad ways. Adjusting and being able to understand a new living and have a great deal on how you cope with life. If this is what you want if this is what makes you happy, it can make you or break you.