Explain how using an IFAS table impacts the understanding of a company’s internal resources and capabilities?

IFAS table helps in different ways in understanding the internal resources and capabilities of the organization. This is fact that the use of IFAS table has very important impacts in understanding of the internal resources and capabilities of the organization. While using the IFAS table the qualities and the shortcomings of the organization are also recorded. These are analyzed by using the different factors involve in the internal factor analysis summary table. Every pointed shortcomings and qualities have their weight and these are graded and listed according to their importance and their impacts. These qualities and shortcoming are pointed and analyzed and then the remarks are also given to explain them in detail. This IFAS table is important for the organization as it highlights the qualities and the shortcomings along with their weighted score. This weighted score use to make the differentiation between the important and the less important factors. This table uses to able the organization to understand the qualities and shortcomings in detail and their different impacts on the organization. In this way they have the opportunities to manage the qualities and shortcomings according to their importance, weighted score and their remarks. The remarks after analysis use to help in order to manage them in better way. This table is also important for the organization to manage highlighted qualities and shortcomings and their impacts on organization. They are the planned in such a way to increase the advantages for the organization and also decrease the negative impacts of the shortcoming as well. Similarly this IFAS table use to help the organization to manage the industry competition and maintain their position towards the rival industry.