Abused Drug or Disease


Each of you is responsible for one slide representing one part of the presentation. Thus, the powerpoint will consist of ONLY 4 SLIDES. Spend approximately 1 minute presenting each slide. Your audience is a medical school class (your lab section).

Slide 1: Describe the condition whether it is the result of an abused drug or disease. If a drug is involved, find out what it is commonly used for and the main ingredient(s). If it is a disease then find out the cause of the disease. (7 pts)

Slide 2: Identify parts of the brain and/or cells targeted. Briefly describe any cell receptors and neurotransmitters involved. (7 pts)

Slide 3: Use a brain scan to characterize the condition of the patient. Give a basic overview of mechanism of the drug or disease action and tie in with known behaviors associated with this drug or condition. Make sure your presentation includes a scan and be able to describe what type of scan as well as what this scan shows. (7 pts)

Slide 4: References used in the proper bibliographic format (2 pts)

Additional Criterion: Students worked well together and did their research. Presentation well organized and clear (2 pts)