Story Reflection:  “Winter Dreams”           


The element of writing I think that was more important was the symbolism. One symbol that is represented in this story was the boat. The boat represents symbol of luxury, but also a slight touch of emptiness a life that everyone doesn’t get to experience. It becomes a memorable appearance with Judy at the helm, and Dexter who seems to be enjoying the movement on the raft anchor in mid-lake. However, lost in deep fantasy, Dexter was still full of joy upon the arrival of Sherry Island Golf Club, this was something that he had anticipated for quite some time. Judy on the other hand thought of it as an escape from reality. When we say escape from reality, meaning her way of this was men trying to squeeze their own dreams and vision of a perfect woman. The boat later become Judy’s oppressive affection of men who are charmed by her, and later drifted her away from commitment.


Another symbol that was represented in the story were the golf balls. The imagery of golfers was that they used red and black balls, because they were able to be seen in the snow. If you reflect when Dexter was just a young caddy and he finally gets a hold of Judy’s world, he made a sacrifice with his individuality for the white golf balls he once used when he caddied.

I think a got a small understanding of the reading correctly. As you can see I’m not the best at this forum post, but something is better than nothing.

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