Critical Review: To His Coy Poem       

The two critical approaches I thought reflected my poem was Reader- Response and Archetypal. The reason I chose reader- response is to me it leads you to interpret on what you think the author is trying to say in his writing and how would you react to what he is saying. The reason I chose Archetypal is because the author uses symbols as to why he should get the woman to sleep with him. When the author mentioned “Seize the Day,” he was basically trying to get her to understand to take advantage of the day and enjoy the time he as with her body for it will be special. The reason I chose reader-response was due to the fact anyone can have a different interpretation on how they viewed this poem. I do believe that although the poem came off someone disrespectful, it still used symbolism. The symbolism come in with his using comparison of having sex with/without him would change her world. The moral in this whole poem, shows us that we cannot control the fact that life is given to us yet taken, nor should we ever think that fantasizing about the future will have our lives all mapped out, but we can gain a sense of control in each moment we live; whether it’s each irregular, spontaneous, surprising moment.