” Apology” is an interesting dialogue spoken by Socrates and was written by Plato. Translated by Benjamin Jowett, it describes how Socrates defended himself in court trial against the people of Athens and does not apologize as he claims that no other man wiser as he is and he proves his point.

Apology by Plato translated by Benjamin Jowett {Socrates’ Defense}

The text is a well self-spoken speech and is organized but is not well organized. Although it does have a thesis, it first sounds like a poem with straight long confusing introduction during the entire event as Socrates himself claims and proves of his wisdom. This text is organized in some type of way that is not easy to comprehend because the conclusion comes from the speaker himself. The author does not hook in the reader or sweeten the text because he does not emphasis anything other than writing the entire speech as it was spoken. The author does not prove his point but Socrates himself.

Even though the author does not seem to include a conclusion, Socrates’s dialogue shows us that he does not feel guilt and does not change his mind. Instead, he keeps proving his point and giving evidences which tells us that he really had attracted his world of wisdom, believed in himself and speaking of the truth.