Question:  The woman in the above example is shocked that the ring is fake and returns it. She buys a new ring that has a mass of 4.53 g and a volume if 0.212 cm. Is this ring genuine?

Answer: In order to solve this problem you need to know/ understand how to solve for density. In order to calculate density you need to divide mass (m) by volume (v).

The question states that the new ring has a mass of 4.53 g and volume of 0.212 cm3  .  To find the density you would divide the given mass ( 4.53 g) by the given volume (0.212 cm)  which equates to 21.4 g/ cm3  .

According to the provided “Density of Some Common Substances..” chart, the density of platinum is 21.4 g/cm3   confirming that the new ring is real (see attached for written work).


Ch.1 Cumulative Problem 87