What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the “painless” killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or irreversible coma, also known as Physician – assisted suicide (PAS). When it comes to voluntary euthanasia, a person speaking on his life decision is morally important. According to Lawrence Kohlberg people progress in their moral reasoning in different stages. Someone who is on their death bed suffering and in pain but competent moral reasoning is different from a healthy individual. Knowing this you have to take that into consideration when it comes to the decision of voluntary euthanasia. That person is likely to not just think of himself but the family that he or she is leaving behind. If someone makes that request you must look at that persons character on why they are making the decision, it could not only be about themselves but also their family and financial situation.

Euthanasia in my opinion is very dangerous do to the thought of taking someone’s life unnaturally. Morally I believe it is wrong regardless of the situation.  Suffering and pain is a part of life, we should not end that person’s life because of the suffering and pain. We should instead be by their side because once someone is gone you can’t get them back, It’s not like putting down an old dog and going to get another. I associate my Opinion with the teleological school of thought. When it comes down to happiness knowing that only you can end your own life and not the corruption of people or doctors and family member in the case of euthanasia I feel a since of relief. Knowing that euthanasia is illegal in most states and I think should stay illegal would bring the most happiness to people.