The Toyota Prius, a hybrid electric vehicle, has an EPA gas mileage rating of 52 mi/gal in the city. How many kilometers can the Prius travel on 15 liters of gasoline?

This problem is trying to determine how many kilometers a Prius can travel on 15 liters of gasoline at a consumption rate of 52 miles per gallon. In order to solve this problem, the rate of consumption must be converted to kilometers per gallon, and then kilometers per liter. After these conversions, one must multiply the factors by 15 since this must now be applied to 15 liters as opposed to a single gallon. Following this, the result is that the Prius would be able to travel 331.6035 kilometers on 15 liters of gas.

Overall this problem is one of conversions. Once the proper conversion rates are identified, and the proper solution known, the conversions can be done, and then applied to a multiplier in order to find the answer. I personally enjoy conversions because generally they have a proper end point in mind, where as some math/cumulative problems could lead down multiple avenues of approach to finding a solution.