Cloning is ‘Playing God’

What distinguishes the man from other creatures is that only man points the image of God in knowledge, righteousness, holiness and the dominion. So, the God is accountable for the man for exercising these abilities and gives benefit to the fellow beings. All the fellow beings created by the God has worked according to the law and the rules embedded by the God (Newman, 2002). In this essay, I will focus on the phrase Cloning is ‘Playing God.’ I would argue that God only creates the human being; he had not created neutral or other scientific techniques.

The word clone originates from the Greek term ‘klon’ which means sprout or twig. It refers to a method in which parents do not do reproduction of the human being. It is  a sexual breeding process that is influenced by many organisms. Cloning about a human being involves the following process: The cell nucleus from an adult is removed from the ordinary body cell. The cell nucleus contains all information about the genetic of the cells. A nucleus cell is removed from a donor, and then it is transplanted into the unfertilized congregation egg cell. After this process, the embryo transplanted into the uterus of the woman and the exact copy of the person whose DNA matches to each other will reproduced. (Who said so –where did you find this – it must be cited?)

Millions of years ago the human was created by the God, not the man created the man. God created the human beings from the soil of the earth and  he gave them the capability to produce the children. If the human being partakes in cloning, then he or she is playing with the God. The God has not given the right to science to reproduce the man. The God gave righteousness to humans. It is related to that right which is the gift relates to perpetual life. It was a gift which receives by the human being in the condition of perpetual by design, and it was not due to any compliance on the human part to earn it. He or she could lose a perpetual life by disobedience, but he did not gain the eternal life by obedience (Newman, 2002).

The God gave holiness to the human being. In this thought, the man is different from all other creatures both physiologically and the ethically. Animals and the rocks are not holy in this thought. The God embedded the holiness only to the human beings because animals and the rocks do not have the moral obligations. So, the man’s holiness would take on the necessary characteristics in which he or she could be separated from other creatures (Newman,2002).

God had embedded the dominion to a human being. First of all, the God has commanded the man to pacify the earth and only he was equipped for this task. Many other creatures like whales and the eagles are superior to the man through their physical capacities, but they will never take dominion to command on the earth. Second, man’s life is better than from the others in many ways because the God has given them all the rights to substitute on the earth and have given them the unique features which make them separate from all other human beings. So, the God embedded the human being to perform all the tasks on God’s ruling and law (Holland, 2016).

Cloning of human beings is immoral in the eyes of nature, and it should not do by any other human beings. Human beings are the creatures of the God. Cloning human beings may face many problems like disabilities, obstruction, several medical issues and many other side effects that would be dangerous for them. Many children who are born through cloning may have suffered from disabilities and the defect in their health from their birth. The parents who give birth todisabled children may suffer a lot because they cannot handle this problem and they are not capable of facing this issue. So, the science is unable to give a guarantee that the human being which is being reproduced with the help of cloning would be healthy or not (Tripod, 2016).

Human beings are designed to become a part of the family which involves the father and the mother. The existence of the family would be induced from the first day to the human being when he or she is coming to the earth. Children are the gift of the God into the earth’s environment as a part of the defensive and unchanging arrangement. God will never intend the people to play with the intensity of nature with the machinery.

God has given many individuals on the earth with lots of abilities. So, these minds need to focus on curing the diseases like AIDS and find the solution to end the poverty, find a home for the orphaned children and many other issues instead of worrying about the cloning of another human being.

In conclusion, the following points will be assessed and the arguments introduced from the above recommendation. The God exercise the dominion over the human family. He has empowered and created the human being to rule over the world not for inventing the wrong things which are harmful to them. The inspired part of the research contains the principle which includes the ethics of human beings which are to be either approved or to be convicted.

Human beings make the things for his convenience which suits to its rules. If there are no restrictions on these things which are based on the human experimentation, then life would become the cheap expandable service.  On the other hand, any attack against the human beings which is related to its development stage is eventually against the God. It is considered to be illegal and induced in the murder. Every human being is intended to take birth in the image of God. The suggestion cleared from this that to destroy the human being without the clear authority from the God is the attack upon the creator himself (Tripod, 2016).