Circumstances in which you would allow yourself to be cloned

I can see no advantage for me to be cloned.  The essence of human existence is the individuality each person possesses. The characteristics of a person should be a combination of genes inherited from parents biologically, and not from the extraction of genes.  From a deontological point of view the means do not justify the end.  I see visions of Mary Shelly’s Dr. Frankenstein working diligently to create a likeness of me, only to wind up with a creature totally devoid of any good traits that I may possess.  The Nazi’s attempt at eugenics was a classic example of imposing ones will on others who were not receptive to the experimentation.  Trying to create an Aryan race infused with historical Germanic power and the will to dominate other was the only goal of this evil experimentation.  The intrinsic nature of a human are those autonomous traits that construct and mold the character of each person.  Would it not be reasonable to assume that cloning would eliminate the individuality of a person?  Virtue is a product of nature, and I see no virtue in cloning. (Archie & Archie)  Additionally, I believe stem cell research has good intentions, but it is an area in which the consequence of the actions is lacking a moral function.  Moral law should be impartial and the reason behind it universally accepted. (O’Sullivan & Pecorino) This is not the case with stem cell research.  Until science can find a way to ameliorate its procedures I see no value in its application.